[ How To ] Reset Nokia Lumia 920 to factory settings
if you Forgotten Nokia Lumia 920 Lockscreen Password or your Nokia Lumia Device stuck and won't able to work probably follow these simple steps to Reset Nokia Lumia 920 to factory settings

Note : after complete this tutorial you will lose all your data including media.

[ How To ] Reset Nokia Lumia 920 to factory settings :
Method 1 :
Before Start Disconnect your Phone's Charger

1. Turn Off your Nokia Phone.
2. Press and hold the Volume down and connect the charger, if successful an exclamation mark (!) is shown on the screen. Then input Keys in the following order:
1. Volume up
2. Volume down
3. Power
4. Volume down
after that your phone will reset to the default factory settings and will reboot automatically.

Method 2:
- From start screen, Tap Phone >> Settings >> About >> Reset your Phone

Soft Reset if your Phone Frozen
Press and Hold Pressing Power Button for Over 8 Seconds then your Phone will reboot

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